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4 Types of Electronic Lock Systems to Replace Manual Locks

With the advent of modern technology, digital locks have become a staple for many homes and businesses. It serves as the first line of defense for your home or workplace.

Such lock types not only excel in protecting your property and valuable assets but also increase the modern aesthetic appeal you’ve always yearned for. 

However, determining which electronic lock is best suited for your premises can be a tricky task.

If you’re skeptical about making that decision, allow LA Best Locksmith to help narrow down your research. Let us provide you with the most suitable electronic lock options.

Here are the four common types of electronic security locks you should consider.

Magnetic Locks 

Technology always has something interesting waiting to be explored. 

One such fantastic mystery of our modern age is the magnetic locks. They are a special lock type powered by an electromagnet and an armature plate. 

You can easily lock & unlock your doors without the need for a key, physical or virtual. The high magnetic force exerted by these lock types doesn’t allow the door to detach maximizing security. 

Electric Lock system LA

They also serve as a perfect fail-safe option. If you have integrated your fire alarm system with your electrical power system and a fire breaks out, causing an electricity trip, all your doors will automatically unlock. This will enable foot traffic to swiftly exit the premises without encountering any issues.

Electronic Keypad Locks 

A bit more pricey than the traditional lock types, electronic keypad locks have keypads installed on them, allowing them to be easily unlocked using a passcode. 

Keypad locks have become quite the fad among most Los Angeles customers due to its ease of accessibility and convenience. 

They have become the preferred choice for smart homeowners and modern-day businesses, being more reliable & secure with a more sturdy working mechanism. 

An intruder may require more than the usual lockpick to break them.

If you choose to install electronic keypad locks, it’s important that you only share the passcode with a selected few. Sharing it with irrelevant personnel or someone who might divulge these sensitive details to unauthorized personnel can put your property at risk.

RFID Locks 

RFID locks are great for large-scale or medium-sized businesses and facilities, as they can work in tandem with the entire security system installed within the organization. You can have the RFID lock & key technology installed throughout the entire building, making accessibility a whole lot easier.

Powered by radio frequency, RFID lock devices carry a strong signal to unlock the door. 

The radio frequency is triggered using a card, but now we have smartphones embedded with the same technology. All you have to do is install an app, and you can easily access the lock using your smartphone.

The only downside of using RFID technology is that if you lose the card, you may not be able to access the lock. In the worst-case scenario, your card can fall into the wrong hands giving intruders access. 

Bluetooth Electronic Locks 

Another keyless entry that tops our list for electronic security locks is the Bluetooth electronic lock. It operates using Bluetooth technology, where a key fob, phone, smartwatch, or any other Bluetooth-powered device can be used to activate or deactivate the Bluetooth (BT) lock. 

The best thing about Bluetooth electronic locks is that they validate whether an authorized user carries an authentic virtual key with them or not. The installed Bluetooth chip ensures that only an authorized person is allowed to access the door, and nobody else.

If security is always on your mind and you want to make it tight, Bluetooth electronic locks are the perfect option for you. 

Choosing an electronic lock for your residential or commercial property can be a challenging task. 

If you’re unsure about which type of electronic lock is best suited for your home or workplace, LA Best Locksmith can help you. Let our expert locksmiths in Los Angeles help you in making the right decision. 

Call (800)982-5397 to receive a free consultation on electronic locks today!

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