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Choosing A Residential Lock

Brief Guide On How To Identify A Home Door Lock.

Have you ever known that the security of your home starts right at the front of your door?

Believe it or not, your door lock is the most important thing.

Hi-security Deadbolt Lock
A high-security lock for a home. Top grade burglar-proof lock for your home.

Unfortunately, choosing the best has never been a walk in the park as you must have some essential tips to help you.

The sad truth is that there are many door lock types in the market.

However, not many of them will meet your expectations as far as security is concerned.

And this is why you need to have a guide to buying a good door lock for your home.

Types of Door Locks for your Home

There are different types of door locks in the market today.

When thinking about the best, first ask yourself on the best type of lock.

Although the locks can be broadly categorized into locks and levers, there are three types of locks depending on the mechanism of locking.

They include;

Conventional locks.

Home Alarm System
Choosing a hi-security lock for your home. Home intercom and keypad entry system installation

These are the traditional locks that do not come with many unique features.

The Lock has a unique electronic model that allows you to use a programmed PIN code.

The installation is easy and might not necessarily need a locksmith.

Smart locks.

The smart lock offers better security for your home compared to the traditional lock.

This is due to some unique features which include voice and remote control as well as access logs.

To get the best experience and security through this lock, you must have a WIFI adapter for the transmission of the signal from your lock to the router.

Well, it is secure but somehow costly.

Retrofit smart locks.

Residential Lock Change
A technician changes a residential lock for our customer. Call us for lock re-key and change services in LA

These locks work as the smart locks.

The difference is that the lock replaces the internal part of the deadbolt as opposed to its full replacement.

The lock offers you a bonus of a remote control system.

So What Should I Check When Buying a Lock for My Home?

Before you pick a lock, you have to consider several factors. These include;

Think of the Function

The function of the lock will determine the type of lock that you should pick.

Whether you are looking for an entry, privacy, or passage, there are different features to look at.

Depending on the purpose of the lock, you will be able to determine the level of security needed.

You cannot equate the level of security that you need for a corridor with the security you need for your main door.

Think function for the right lock.

Endurance Level of the Lock

The grading of locks ranges from 1 to 3.

While the level of endurance depends on the grade, grade 1 offers the most secure lock, and this is what you should choose for your home.

The grade determines the level of endurance, and the grade you choose depends on the level of security.

So think about the door you are closing and make the right decision of the grade you have to choose.

Artistic Nature and the Aesthetics of the Lock

Choosing A Residential Lock
Residential deadbolt lock. How to install a residential hi-security lock.

As much as you want a secure lock, you must also think about the shape, size, color, texture, and anything that goes into the aesthetics of the lock.

It is not all about security but something that finishes your decor.

However, the appearance should not be the number one consideration when choosing a lock for your home door.

Consider Your Budget

Before you head to the store for a lock, check your pocket to see how much you have.

The cost of the lock you plan to buy depends on all the various features we have already discussed.

To assess the features of your dream lock and see whether you afford it.

The Removal of the Handle

Residential Lock Installation in LA
Choose the best top-grade lock for your home. A bump-proof lock with a strong key that cannot be duplicated.

Can someone easily remove the handle on your door lock?

If so, does it easily allow people to get into your home?

If these happen, then think of other options since this can be a high risk to your home.

An easily removable lever will pave the way for strangers to reach your deadbolt.

However, you could improvise by use of a secondary lock to reduce the risk of intrusion.

Although selecting the best door lock is a hustle, at least we have seen some of the factors that should be in your checklist.

Be sure that you will not go wrong with the above consideration factors.

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