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Does Locksmiths Require Verifying Ownership of the House?

If you’re wondering whether a locksmith needs to see some proof that the house is actually yours before they start working their lock magic, the short answer is YES.

It’s important for a locksmith to confirm your name, address, driver’s license, or ID number before they go all unlucky on your home. In this article, we’re gonna break down why and how getting your property verified is just as important as getting a house emergency lockout service.

What Does the Law Say About Locksmith Verifying Home Ownership?

As per the business and professional code of California

6980.55. (a) Any locksmith who knowingly and willfully opens any residence, or commercial establishment for another by any method involving an on-site inspection of a door or entrance, whether or not for compensation, shall obtain the street address of the residence or commercial establishment, and the signature of the person for whom the residence or commercial establishment was opened on a work order form. The following information regarding the person requesting entry to the residence or commercial property shall be recorded on a work order form: (1) Name. (2) Address. (3) Telephone Number. (4) Date of Birth. (5) Driver’s license or identification number.

In case you don’t have any proof of identification for your property with you, a locksmith will have every right to refuse you their services. During a lockout, there’s a significant chance you may not be able to present any photo identification of your home’s residency, and according to our locksmiths, it’s a common problem they have faced.

Emergencies can take place unannounced. For instance, you planned on taking out the trash, and the moment you walked out of your property, you locked yourself out. Now, the only thing you can do here is to knock on the front door of your neighbor and ask them to make a call to a certified locksmith.

When they arrive, it’s highly likely that you have a way to confirm to them that it’s your house because you won’t have the keys, and neither your ID on you. Other than what your neighbors say, you don’t stand a chance to tell them that it’s your property. The locksmith will require proof from you that you live there.

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What to Do If You’re Stuck in a Similar Situation? 

There are three things that you can possibly do in order to convince the locksmith that the house you want them to unlock is your own. Once unlocked, you can eventually show them some form of identification that the property in which you’re living is basically one of your own.

Reach out to Your Landlord – If you’re living in a rented space, you can always reach out to your landlord and ask them to verify your identity. They can confirm to the locksmith that your flat is rented out. Just give them a call and explain your situation, and if you are on friendly terms with the landlord, they will confirm that you’re currently living in that particular property.

Reach out to a Family Member – Do you have a family member who can confirm that this property is your own? Well, is it possible to have them come over to your place with any of the documents, bills, or proof of ID to prove that you’re currently living in that rented space? Perhaps they carry a spare key so they can allow you to enter back in. Either way, a family member can confirm the situation.

Reach out to a Neighbor – Depending on your circumstance, you can always reach out to a neighbor. If you’re on friendly terms with your neighbor, you can always ask them to help you prove your identity. A locksmith can ask a couple of neighbors around separately, and it will help them confirm if the property that you want to unlock is your own. Once they unlock the door, show them proof of identity.

Why LA Best Locksmith is The Right Choice? 

At LA Best Locksmith, our certified locksmith specialists are as understanding as a locksmith can get. If you’re stuck in a house lockout situation, our residential locksmiths are willing to lower their guard down and assist you in any way possible. If you can produce any proof whatsoever that the property you want to get unlocked is your own, our locksmiths are more than willing to unlock your house for you. 

Dial (800) 982-5397 and have your home unlocked by one of our locksmiths today! 

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