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Ignition Switch Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot a failing ignition switch?

Have you ever been into a bad situation with a faulty ignition switch? Are you sure of some of the symptoms that should alert you on an ignition that is becoming faulty? An ignition switch is the most important feature in your car.


It is the only gateway to help start and switch off your car. It has several positions that work together to ensure your car key is turned. Is it possible to wake one day and find your car ignition switch not working?

This is hardly possible as any fault within the ignition system will always come with some symptoms.

When your car starts to stall

The very first and common symptom of a faulty ignition switch is your vehicle stalling suddenly while the engine is still running. In case the ignition fails, the engine automatically cuts off power to the ignition and the fuel system causing stalling. Once this happens, restarting the vehicle again may be difficult depending on the exact issue.

The car starts and then suddenly stalls

This is also a common symptom that should inform you of a faulty ignition switch. This happens when the switch fails at the ON position of the ignition system. This results in the vehicle starting and then stalling immediately. This happens since the ignition usually provides power to the fuel pump which may allow the vehicle to start.


In some other scenarios, if it falls in the ON position it will end up cutting off power to the fuel and ignition system. Immediately the key has been withdrawn from the cranking position.

Issues relating to powering other accessories

This is another symptom that relates to troubles in the powering system of your vehicle’s accessories. In normal cases, once the key is inserted and turned, it should be in a position to power the vehicle’s accessories. This may include the interior lights and the center console.

In this case, if the key is turned and none of the accessories power on, then you should treat it as a possible sign of a faulty ignition switch.

Lack of noise from the starter motor

Normally, after turning on the key at the ignition switch, there should be some noise from the motor of your car. If you try starting the car and this fails to happen, then you should know there is a major problem with the ignition system of your vehicle. All that happens is maybe the ignition switch is not capable of creating the necessary electrical pathway that can allow getting power from the battery to the starter motor.

However, this symptom could also be caused by a dead battery in your vehicle but if you are sure your battery is in the right condition, then you should automatically know there is a problem with your car’s ignition system.

What should I do in case of these symptoms?

Maybe you were set for a journey and unfortunately one of these symptoms happens. This should not worry you as all you need is to try troubleshooting the ignition switch. To go about this, you will be required to check all the fuses and fusible links that are related to your car switch.

This process is considered important as it helps to eliminate a simple and common cause early. More to this, you should always be sure that your battery is showing no less than 12.5 volts. In another case, if your vehicle is using a system that is integrated between the cylinder and the switch then you should be sure to check the terminals for corrosion and looseness. If you notice any problem with the terminals, you will need to remove them and replace them with new ones.


Most importantly, you should be sure to check other connections involved such as the battery terminals and the chassis ground strap of your vehicle.

Final words

Any problem relating to the ignition system of your vehicle can end up in great inconvenience if proper and timely attention is not given. If you tried any of the troubleshooting processes and it still failed to work, then take a quick step to contact your mechanic or a car ignition locksmith in LA for repair and new ignition installation services.

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