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Lock Replacement in LA

How to replace a door lock yourself.

Arrangements and relationships sometimes go wrong, and now you have to deal with some angry people. You could lose your house or office keys anytime.


Other times, we damage the locks on our doors or need better security. These are some of the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of your home. However, you do not have to sit and wait for the worst to happen. You could always do something about the locks.

But, lock replacement is a simple process, which you can choose to do yourself. Alternatively, you could hire a professional. Below is a guide on how to replace your locks in an easy and fast procedure:

What do you need before a lock replacement?

When you decide to replace your locks, there are a few things that you need to know. First, you will need to identify the type of lock you have.

Know the brand you are working with to save yourself a lot of trouble. By identifying the features of your lock, you have an easier time deciding whether you want modifications to your door or not. Next, you need to know the measurements of your doorknob.

This, you can measure easily using a tape measure. Also, you will need some tools for the job, among which is a lock replacement kit. If you have an older model of the lock, there is a chance that it would be larger than the current locks in the market. Therefore, you would require some carpentry work before you fit into a new one.

Lock change in LADeadbolt lock service in LA

Then, how do you replace the lock?

Once you identify all the things and materials that you need, you can then proceed to change the locks on your door. How do you do this successfully?

Open the lock from the door

To open the lock from the door, you need to loosen the screws on the covering material of the lock.This sets the springs on the door, which then allows the bolt to come out quickly. However, if you are having trouble finding the springs on your doorknob, then you would need to remove the cover before the knob. Then, you would need to remove the cover from the door. You can see the bolts holding then in place along the sides of the lock hole.

Remove it from the door

Once you use a thin flat-head screwdriver to remove the cover from the lock, then you can pull the lock from the door completely. Once you remove the cover and the knobs, then you get to see the locking mechanism of the lock. To remove this part, you go to the side of the door, loosen the clamps holding the section to the door.

Once they come loose, remove each section of the lock separately. You remove them from the door by pulling outwards. At this stage, you must keep your door open; else, you would have to reinstall the knob and the whole assembly to open the door.

Fit in the new lock

Next, you would need to fit in the new lock. If you got a lock with similar measurements as your old one, then you would not need some carpentry work done. However, If the lock is larger, you might need some drilling. If it is smaller, then you would have to fill up the hole and drill in the new measurements.

When fitting the lock, you will have to do the reverse of what you did. That means you start by fitting the two sections of the lock, followed by the covering plate. Finally, you will install the springs and the knob.

Fasten the screws

When you finish fitting the lock, make sure you fix the screws in a leveled manner. Bent screws could easily cause problems with your lock and, sometimes, could cause damage to your strike plate or lock. Also, ensure you capture the springs when tightening the springs. Ensure that the springs holing the cover, the knobs, and the plates on the side of the door are tight.

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Test the lock

The final stage of any lock replacement service is testing the performance of your new lock. If you notice that the lock won’t open and close, then you would have to remove and check your assembly. However, if there are problems such as too much effort when turning the knob, later you can try loosening the screws and retest the lock.

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