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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Spare Car Key 

The car key is a vital element for car operations, and we often overlook its importance. Still, this small item makes a huge difference in your day-to-day activities. If you often lose your car key or want to be prepared for unexpected events, here are 5 reasons why you should always have a spare car key. 

Avoid Getting Locked Out 

To avoid getting locked out, you need to have a spare car key. At least once in our lifetime, we have experienced a car lockout. Clumsy ones face this scenario quite often.

If you want to avoid a situation where you say; Damn! Where is my car key? Then, keep a spare car key with you. Having a spare key readily available can save you time, money, and frustration in such situations. Simply retrieve your spare key, unlock the door, and get back on the road without missing a beat. spare car key

Emergency Preparedness 

Emergencies come unannounced. A spare car key can be a lifesaver in such incidents. For instance, if you have dropped your car key in the drain or you have lost it somewhere, you have to call a locksmith to get access to your car.

If you already have an extra car key, you can easily access your car seat without any help. 

Convenience for Multiple Drivers 

If you use a shared vehicle with your family or roommates, having a spare key can be convenient for everyone. Instead of asking for the key from another member, you can have your own key to use the vehicle anytime without disturbing anyone.

This removes the hassle of scheduling conflicts and ensures that everyone comes and goes with convenience. Moreover, it reduces the risk of misplacing car keys. If one of the drivers lost it, you can ask the other one to access the vehicle. 

Protection Against Wear and Tear 

Car keys are often used and subjected to wear and tear. Over time, car keys get damaged and become worn. If you have a spare key, you can extend the original key’s lifespan by using the other one more often. This reduces the likelihood of key-related issues such as broken or stuck keys, damaged key fobs, or worn-out key blades.  

Cost Savings in the Long Run 

Purchasing a spare car may seem like an unnecessary expense, but actually, it saves you a lot in the long run. What if you lost it? Then you will have to hire a locksmith and pay him a hefty fee to make a new key.

By investing in a spare key upfront, you can avoid these costly scenarios and save hundreds of dollars in emergency locksmith fees. 

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Contact LA Best Locksmith For Car Key Replacement 

Having a spare car key is important to save time and money in the long run. If you need a car key replacement, contact LA Best Locksmith. Our locksmiths are well-trained and certified. They can make any car key on the spot without any hassle. Whether you need traditional car key replacement or fob key replacement, you can rely on us.  

All of our locksmiths are licensed and insured. They have the necessary tools and equipment to solve any car key-related problem efficiently. Feel free to contact us anytime. Our services are available 24/7.  

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