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When Do I Need a Locksmith to Change My Home Locks?

Do you want to make sure your house is well protected from unwanted intruders?

The only way you can make sure of that is by getting your old locks replaced with brand new ones.

The right locks will ensure that your premises is well secured from prying eyes and uninvited guests.

But when it’s a good time to change locks and should you call in a certified locksmith? At LA Best Locksmith, we have certified and experienced locksmith professionals who can install top quality locks for your home. We can install all kinds of traditional and electronic lock solutions. Whether you want one from Yale, Schlage, Mul T Lock, Baldwin, Kwikset, Toshiba or any other renowned brand, just let us know.

Wondering when it’s the best time? Well, here are five situations when you should hire a locksmith.

When Changing the Locks of a House is a Good Step? 

Listed below are a few circumstances when it becomes mandatory to change the locks of your home.

Moving to a New Place 

Have you recently moved into a new home?

It’s best advised that you change the old locks of your home with brand new ones. We never know how the previous owner might have kept the locks. Now, there’s a high chance that the previous owners might not have cared much about their lock security or keeping them well maintained; there’s also a significant chance that your house’s old locks might have become old and worn out.

Besides, you can’t be completely sure whether the previous homeowners had the keys to the existing locks or not! You may not want to risk your home’s security under any circumstances.

Therefore, when you’re moving to a new house, make sure to replace the old locks with brand new ones. At the very least, it will give you the peace of mind that nobody else can use them.

Have You Recently Experienced Burglary? 

If someone has broken into your house, there’s a possible chance that they might break-in again if they find the same lock installed at your front entry door. It’s always best to hire a certified professional locksmith to replace your front door lock with a brand new one. Just in case, if someone does try to break in and enter again when you’re away, they may encounter a new sturdy lock that’s not easy to break.

While you’re there, you can also choose an alarm system and rig it up with your front door. If anyone tries to force entry, the alarm can go off alerting all the neighbors making the thief run away.

If You’ve Been Divorced… 

Facing divorce is challenging, especially when the couple’s happiness together has faded. However, it becomes even more distressing when the divorce turns acrimonious, marked by bitter disputes and conflicts over property ownership. If you wish to prevent your ex-spouse from entering your home unexpectedly, it’s advisable to change the locks on the main doors as soon as you gain official ownership of the property.

This principle also applies to strained relationships between cohabiting renters. Even if you carefully selected the right roommate for your rental property, if they have vacated the premises following a dispute, it’s a good idea to engage with your landlord and arrange for the locks to be replaced to prevent any unauthorized entry.

When You Lose Your House Keys 

The first thought that comes to mind after losing a key is what if someone else finds it before you and gains access to your home? You don’t know exactly who might have the access to your home and it will put your entire home security at risk. While it may feel like a hassle, getting a new lock installed when you lose a key is a more time saving and cost-effective solution than getting robbed by a thief.

If you’ve lost your keys and you don’t know what to do, better to call in a certified locksmith in Los Angeles to install new locks at your premises.

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